Black and white Sunday, repetition

Hooray, Paula is back at Lost in Translation, and this week she invites us to share patterns and repetitions for Black and White Sunday. My thoughts turned to architecture at first, but I’ve seen a very good entry already. So I decided that people can make repetitive patterns as well, and came up with this.

I’d like to thank Andy at Fife Photos and Art, he told me that Nik software is now available free, and that’s what I  used to edit this image.


14 thoughts on “Black and white Sunday, repetition

  1. Nik eh? Is there no end to these apps! Do I need Nik as well as Snapseed??

    And now to your photo. Repetition indeed – cloning of minds and bodies. Oh, I could create a whole symbolic rant! All that said, a neat shot.

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