Black and White Sunday, a Barcelona Nightscape

Paula asks for a nightscape in black and white and says ‘the absence of colour lets us focus on shapes more’. I agree, clear definition and form seems to work best.

My photo was taken from the Arenas rooftop in Barcelona, which is a circle of restaurants with views over the city.

Placa Espanya by night
Placa Espanya by night

The Arenas was once the city’s bullring, and is now a smart shopping mall, a much better use, don’t you agree?


11 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday, a Barcelona Nightscape

  1. Excellent vantage point, Gilly. Night already mutes colours, and now in monochrome I can really appreciate the ground plan of the city’s main roundabout (I presume). I was there very briefly ages ago. I like the photo very much.

  2. Amazing photo and yes, this is a much better use of space. I detest bull fighting and what they do before, during and after. The bull simply has not choices in this situation but to be tortured and then killed. Thank you so much for sharing photos of this beautiful city.

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