Looking Forward

As someone who likes sculpture, I have to confess to being a complete idiot. You know how you walk past something regularly and don’t even notice it? well this is one of those things. Commissioned in 1977 by Exeter city Council, for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, it’s one of a series by Peter Thursby, and named Looking Forward.

The sculpture depicts a Podman, they were ‘Little men on scaffolding, constructing buildings. They appeared to be framed in boxes, like peas in a pod’. Thursby made a full sized model from polystyrene in his Exeter studio. The finished work was cast by the Chris Blackmore foundry near Ashburton.

Will any of you confess to discovering something that you’ve walked past hundreds of times and not seen?


11 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Heehee… well I am glad you finally noticed it! Such a great sculpture with the figure hidden in the centre like that and it works brilliantly in black and white. I am sure I have walked past hundreds of interesting things that I have yet to notice 😀

  2. It’s all too easy to think you know a familiar place, so yes, Gilly, I’ve often been guilty of this. ‘How long has that been there?’ is a frequent question to G, as we’re out and about.

  3. Someone once asked me why I don’t shoot a Pittsburgh like I do New York. I think I get complacent and don’t have those fresh eyes as you mentioned. Great sculpture

  4. I dunno about looking forward. Somehow I’m getting behind. Thank goodness you stay lurking in my inbox. This sculpture is beautifully sited – the streetscape gives me as much pleasure as it does, and b&w serves both well. It’s hard to believe you could miss this, but it’s an experience I definitely share. Visitors to my home turf are good alerters to the unnoticed and then I struggle with shame!

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