Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

I wish for warm fire

a safe bed for those with none

shelter food and love


28 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  1. I second your wish. Is this your fire? An open fire was one of the joys – and pains – of my Broken Hill life, a companion on many contemplative evenings. I wish I could offer it to Warsaw’s homeless: -6° outside would be unbearable. I think too of people in the ghetto, and in hiding under the Nazis, in extreme cold. How do people survive? And of course many don’t.

  2. What a beautiful warmth emanates, both from you and the fire, Gilly. 🙂 Such a sad time of year for many. There’s a lovely scheme locally to offer a spare bedroom to a refugee. I don’t really have the space but isn’t it a lovely idea? Some people have very big hearts.
    Thursday hugs, sweetheart!

    1. You are an angel! I actually have a very sharp tongue sometimes, it’s a wonder I don’t cut myself.
      What a lovely idea, I wonder if my heart would be that big of my house was.

  3. Your fire so welcoming. And warm
    Such a terrible time of year for the homeless population. There are organizations who offer blankets and try to get individuals to shelter but it is so cold.

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