Six Word Saturday

I need some new crochet now!



18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. What a beauty! You are so clever in so many creative directions. I love this kind of rug. My mum made one for each of my daughters. I get to sleep under its weight every time I visit Stanthorpe.

  2. I love the colors, Gilly. Such a wonderful result for all of your work. Your stitches are extremely even throughout. Well done ….😍
    Recently, I joined a Fiber Boomers group. We knit and crochet once a week at a club house. We will be doing weaving, silk painting, jewelry beaded bracelets, knitting and crocheting. I’ve forgotten my knitting skills so I’m knitting right now. My crocheting is still good. I never would have imagined the fun I would have with a group. I’ve always done it at home. Happy Project Search ….
    Issy 😎

    1. Oh that sounds lovely, I’d enjoy being in a group like that. Will you post about the things yo make please? I’ve started another blanket this afternoon, for my friend, it will probably take me all year, but that’s okay it keeps me busy and I don’t tend to nibble as much!.

      1. LOL … it’s funny that you mentioned nibbling. Three gals in the group (not me) are on a weight loss program called Weight Watchers yet all they talk about is food. I went as far as to say, “Eat. It’s OK”. They aren’t really overweight where it’s unhealthy. : )
        I will be posting something if I can finsih something. I’ve almost completed a baby fun hat. Why? Because I couldn’t decide on anything. Any who, there’s a gal who is a professional at knitting(since age 4). She’s from Wales originally but lives part time in the UK. I’ve decided to make her Scottswood Stole. I hope it turns out well. I’ll leave her web-site. Wish me luck … 😊 Issy

        Moira Ravenscroft

      2. Two of the girls in my office are on Slimming World diets and they totally obsess about food! Moira’s designs are fabulous, I really like the scarves but I don’t have patience for anything complex these days!

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