Paula’s Black and White Sunday

It’s the last day for Paula’s black and white challenge of ‘Passage’, tomorrow there will be a new theme.

passageThis was originally a very colourful image, bright yellow, orange and majorelle blue, but I didn’t notice the shadows until I monochromed it.

Thanks Paula, for making me think more about black and white photos!



23 thoughts on “Paula’s Black and White Sunday

  1. 🙂 I am so very glad you liked your result, that’s what matters most. I like it a lot of course, but I am so very pleased when I see that people like their results. I’ll let you in on a secret. When I discovered digital photography in 2012 and especially the endless possibilities in post processing I was like a kid with crayons, and I exaggerated my colours too much – I still do, even though I can tell that it has significantly normalised since a few years ago. And then that same year I discovered how easy it is to render the image in black and white in post processing, and I felt freedom – cause I did not have to think of colours so much, just contrast and in monochrome I was better able to see if my photo was any decent or not. Well, that explains my fascination with monochrome which is still so great that I have to publish a black and white photo every week, and then there is selective colouring which is my third obsession – keeping an element in colour in a black and white image. Ugh, sorry for taking so much space here, but I felt like opening up after seeing how much joy and effort you put into this post 🙂 Thank you, Gilly. Are these the gardens from Morocco?

    1. Lol, I discovered photo shop in 2005 and was addicted to saturating colour for a while and fiddling around with all sorts of effects. I tend to keep it simple now but my camera had some things of its own and I like the free Nik software. Colour popping is much easier now than it was when I began. Your photos are fabulous 💕 yes this is in Marrakesh.

    1. One of my favourite photos ever was taken in Marrakesh, in my ‘Seven super shots’ post if you have a minute. Marrakech is an amazing place, one of few places I’ve been twice, you’d love it 🙂

      1. Thanks! Lovely set of shots…the kids in Ghana are great, and I love those silhouettes in Marrakesh – excellent!

  2. It’s such an inviting passage, Gilly! I thought at first that it was lit by Christmas lights but then I realised it was just the light filtering in. Hope you’ve had a good week, sweetheart. 🙂

  3. Love the shadows, but now I am intrigued to see the colour version. I am very envious of you having been to the Majorelle Gardens… :mrgreen:
    Hope you are feeling less tired now.

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