Thursday Special, Traces of the past

The El Born area of Barcelona is home to the Centre de Cultura i Memoria. The building was created on a site that was previously a fruit and vegetable market, opened in 1876 and the first cast iron market in the city. Sadly the market closed in 1971 and was unused for many years. Fast forward to 1994 and an archaeological excavation began, revealing traces of streets and houses from before 1714, when the city was sieged at the end of the war of Spanish Succession. The city surrendered to Philip V’s troops on September 11th that year, a date that is now Catalunya’s national day.

Some of the ancient streets that have been uncovered are on display in the cultural centre.

It was fascinating to see the roads and foundations of houses, imagining the lives of those who lived, worked and traded there.

This post is for Paula’s traces of the past, in colour this month.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Special, Traces of the past

  1. I love seeing the past like this: it makes sense of stratification and the layering of towns and it always astonishes me how quickly a place can be buried.Kraków has a spectacular underground museum, with excavation on clear view. Thank you for a splendid post.

  2. It’s always fascinating to see remnants of the past like this. I wonder what the residents would think if they knew we could see it. And what would they think of the city if they could see it now? I reckon they would be as amazed as we are.

  3. I’m trying to remember if I saw this on my guided tour of Barca on the first day, Gilly. I don’t think so. Was part of it lit against a green background? Not sure whereabouts the El Born area is. Seems so long ago now. I loved this city and when you think of its past there have to be all kinds of history there. Hugs sweetheart! Have a great weekend 🙂

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