As Graceful as a spring flower

Ben over at the daily post has chosen ‘Graceful’ for this weeks photo challenge, this is what he said.

Gracefulness is a tricky quality — it manifests itself as an effortless, subtle harmony between a subject and its environment.

Personally, there are few things I find more graceful than spring flowers. During the dark months of winter, I long for little signs that they are beginning to emerge from the earth, or burst from seemingly dead twigs. It makes my heart sing when I spot new growth.

grace2Of course there are always the hellebores, generous and voluptuous as they parade in the shade.

grace3Some tilt their heads to any flash of sun they can, while others, more shy, make you bow down to greet them.

grace5A little later, the wonderfully graceful Acers arrive at the ball, stylishly clothed in tropical pink and lime green, effortlessly attracting attention.

grace4Tulips are so cheerful and bold, this one looks excited, like it’s waving it’s arms to the world, shouting ‘look at me, look at me, I’m doing my spring dance!’

grace1Anyone who knows me would guess that this last pic, of the first flower of the year isng flower my favourite. Faithfully, every January the snowdrops reappear like little virgins in tutus, surely the most graceful of all!

Are you posting something graceful this week?




14 thoughts on “As Graceful as a spring flower

  1. I saw the loveliest hellebore over at Jude’s and said I’d have to go out and see how ours are doing this morning. I’ll wait till it warms up a bit 🙂 Glorious snowdrop!

  2. oh Gilly, these are so delightful! and i was even thinking about some images i have of some new maple tree foliage (or acer, as they are called in your corner of the planet), but ended up with flowers instead. your selection is sheer eye candy.
    i feel the same way when i spot new growth. can`t help but smile to see a new plant popping up once more.
    normally snowdrops are coming up by now, but we have had several weeks of snow and freezing temperatures, so they have been rather reluctant to put in an appearance. the weather finally changed about a week ago, and the snow is largely gone. but there was frost last night so it might still be a while before the flowers will be coaxed into blooming again here. i can hardly wait!
    thanks for sharing this beauty.

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