18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Hey, Gilly, I need a little information. I’m getting ready to switch my domain to one that dispenses with the “wordpress,” but I wanted to ask you — when you made that switch, once you paid for the new domain name, did you have to do anything to get it to show up in your address bar, or did WordPress automatically make the change? Also, did you lose anything from your blog because of the change?

    1. No it happened automatically and I didn’t lose anything. It doesn’t cost much either. I’m glad I finally did it, after thinking about it for years! Happy Sunday Sandra 🙂

      1. Thank you. I always know I can come to you for help. I’ve thought about making the change for some time as well, and put it off, but I realize it’s something I really need to do it now. I actually own the sandraconner.com domain, but I’ve never completely developed that site for some reason. I have so much good communication with people through WordPress, I want to use it here. But since I’ve been using my maiden name as part of my publishing name for the past three years, I’ve decided I need a domain that includes that name. So this is my week for taking the plunge.

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