Found in one road

Thanks to Paula and her black and white Sunday, I’ve been playing with monochrome a lot more recently. Sometimes with good results, sometimes not. This afternoon I took the dogs out around the local area, within a mile from home, and spotting a red door with peeling paint made me think of Paula’s before and after challenge. I only had my phone, but I started snapping and ended up with six photos that I like.

These are the befores.

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and here are the black and white edits.

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They may even be in the same order.
Thanks Paula, I had fun with this and the dogs were happy that I wasn’t walking too fast!


22 thoughts on “Found in one road

  1. Wonderful! I am terrible at shooting with phone (which I don’t do at all), but you are good :). I can’t decide between the red and monochrome door. The red makes the statement, and the monochrome reveals all this texture. It turned out really great, Gilly. Thank you, and I am pleased that you had fun in the process. May you have an easy week!

  2. What a rich post. So many images and so pleasing in both b&w and colour. I especially like the b&w brick wall, and the red peeling paint, but I relish all the things your eye sees. Have an equally rich week, my dear.

  3. Not easy to know what will work best in B & W is it? For me the standouts are the solitary bottle and the guitars in the window. I always enjoy reading the comments too, even if nobody agrees with me 🙂 🙂 Hope it’s a good week, darlin!

    1. No it’s surprising what works and what doesn’t, I like the guitars. Really busy week but it’s nearly done because I have a four day weekend to look forward to! Hope you’re okay my lovely x:-)x

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