Black and White Sunday, Before and After

Every month Paula chooses before and after for her black and white Sunday theme. You choose a photo and share it in colour, and after processing it to monochrome. The idea it that it makes you more aware of detail, shapes and composition. The challenge has made me look more closely and think about the kind of image that might work in black and white.

Do you think this one does?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere it is in colour.


Any preference? If you’d like to join in Paula would be very happy to see you!


15 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday, Before and After

  1. This is a great subject to present in both renditions, and very difficult to pick the favourite. I like your monochrome, vintage treatment. Thank you, Gilly.

  2. i love the metal sculpture, Gilly. Is there a mirror in the middle? The patina on the metal is what I love about copper. Shadowing that the elements of nature creates. I love them both. I have to agree with, Tish, the monochrome looks mysterious but light and feathery too. Super selection …
    Happy Sunday 😍
    Issy 😎

  3. Is this an outdoors mirror? I am torn between the two images. I love the colour version because they are MY colours, the turquoise, the aqua, the ochre and yellow lichens and the rusty hues. But the B&W shows the lovely texture and the vintage effect suits it very well. Great choice Gilly!

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