Weaver birds at the Botel

My friend Celestine, a Ghanaian poet, blogger and Mistress of haiku said she’d like to see my photos of weaver birds nests, not far from where she lives. Taken at the Cape Coast nearly ten years ago and with one of my earlier digital cameras, they aren’t the best quality images, but still part of my special memories of Ghana.

Here’s a gallery for you Celestine.

This was the grounds of the hotel, or rather the Hans Cottage Botel, a lovely and unusual resort, set on a lake, with ‘friendly’ crocodiles’. They like their crocs in Ghana, but they are probably my least favourite animal on the planet. We only stayed one nignt at Hans Cottage and I remember it being quite restless for me, dreaming of crocs leaving the lake to stroll along the boardwalk in search of supper! I have no idea how Sylvia copes with the gators in her back yard, she’s way braver than me.



9 thoughts on “Weaver birds at the Botel

  1. Gorgeous photos, Gilly. We had weavers building nests in our garden in Johannesburg, They were so fascinating to watch. There was one palm tree by the pool, that they favoured for their materials, and they just about stripped it bare. Thanks for your concern for my safety here, but unfortunately I haven’t seen Ali-Baba for a few months. I’m really missing him. 😦

  2. Weavers nests are fabulous, I have seen them in South Africa, some used to nest outside my son’s primary school, and the common social-weaver build massive communal nests in Namibia which are a sight to behold. Clever little weavers 🙂 I’m totally with you regarding the crocs!

  3. I LOVE this post. I love the colour of the water, the reflections, the glimpses of the bird and the wonderful skill of its weaving. The first time I encountered weaver birds was in a photo my niece sent me. One had taken up residence in her garage on an Aboriginal community in far far north Queensland. I’m so glad you were prompted to post this.

  4. What absolutely interesting creatures. I love everything in nature and because I cannot see everything up close and personal I depend on TV shows and people like you that share. Thank You!

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