As dense as granite

Dartmoor granite was used to build the old London Bridge, the one that’s now a tourist attraction somewhere in the Arizona desert. Luckily there’s still plenty left to scramble on, and take photos of!

This is Bonehill Rocks, a couple of miles from Haytor. I went at the weekend, and had a bit of  scramble myself. In fact I had to bump my way down on my derriere, holding on to absolutely nothing except my breathe.

Do you think granite is dense enough for the weekly photo challenge?


13 thoughts on “As dense as granite

  1. I love your rock and your description of bumming it down “holding nothing but my breath”! What a great place to spend a day.

    Granite’s my favourite rock: my daughter lives in what’s designated the Granite Belt on the NSW/Queensland border. Gulaga has granite tors too. When I was confirming this, I found something you might enjoy: a virtual walk up the mountain with an Aboriginal guide Christine may well have written a similar post.

  2. Spectacular shot, Gilly! It reminds me of Brimham Rocks, on the Yorkshire Moors. Haven’t been for years. It’s wonderful news that you’re well enough to go scrambling these days. Thankful hugs! 🙂 🙂

  3. Tried that once, holding just my breath coming down off a stone wall, caught the toe of my boot and did a ‘flying Wolenda’ onto the gravel path about 5′ below. Nothing hurt but my aging pride … I used to be able to do stuff like this, didn’t I. Great pic and piece for this week’s challenge, Gilly.

  4. this is perfect for the challenge. what an incredible sight. i had to smile/wince as i read your words about bumping your way down on your derriere with nothing to hold onto but your breath.
    you are very brave. i think i would have been shrieking the whole way down….

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