Weekly PhotoChallenge, reflecting

I was walking through town yesterday, enjoying the crowds, and the great atmosphere. It was Exeter Pride, a vibrant, colourful event with a long parade of people wearing rainbow colours, flying the flag and bursting with excitement.

Everyone was happy, or so I thought. Then I saw this lady, she was leaning on a trolley shopper thingy and heading towards the bus stop.


It may be that she was just wondering when the buses would start running again. Perhaps she was reflecting on the loss of youth, a samba band were passing, so everyone was jiggling about. I really hope it was nothing worse.




14 thoughts on “Weekly PhotoChallenge, reflecting

  1. No, she doesn’t look too happy, Gilly. Not a lot of fun getting old and infirm, no matter how hard you try to keep it at bay. Sunday hugs, darlin. It’s been glorious here today 🙂 🙂

    1. She looks like she has chronic pain, bless her. Yes we all tend to get something don’t we? Hugs always help though, so I’m sending lots back 🙂

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