Views of Dartmouth

One of this year’s birthday trips was a day at Dartmouth. We began with a hot chocolate and cinnamon toastย at Alf’resco, then meandered gently along the narrow streets.

stopping to see the Lower Ferry,

and enjoy the view to Kingswear, via a very pretty garden, then on along the waterfront.

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The next stop is at Bayard’s Cove Fort, a single storey artillery fort built in the 1530’s as an extra defence against any invaders making it past the castle.

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The path climbs a little now, but that means nice views.

over on the bend

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Around the creek we continue towards the castle, which I think I showed you a few weeks ago.

I’ve never been inside, but I did get told off for peeping around the door in the picture below, it’s English Heritage and a man thought I was trying to sneak in without paying.
But we were hot and in need of ice cream, not dungeons! No photos I’m afraid, but mine was toffee fudge. We retraced our steps to summon the little ferry, turning the board around so that the ferryman could see he had passengers from the other side of the river.I rarely go on a boat, so it’s always a delight to see the view from one.

Lot’s of interesting and very expensive properties on both sides.

and there’s Bayard’s Cove Fort again.

Nearly back to town. Just ten minutes or so on the water, and it feels like a different world.

They’re still crabbing, I’d be a bit nervous if my child was sitting there. We’ve missed lunch, so we stroll towards the little harbour to see what we can find. No lunch, just a pasty and some new sunglasses for me!

It takes less than an hour to walk from the town to the castle, even taking lots of photos and view stops. Even though it’s short, I know that Jo will like it, for the boats if nothing else. She likes to walk on Mondays, or with her lovely daughter, last week they went to Rufford Abbey near Nottingham



19 thoughts on “Views of Dartmouth

  1. Well. I’m losing it aren’t I? Happy birthday for June 2 – it’s even on my calendar, but that’s no use if I don’t LOOK.

    Having mea culpa’ed, I can now enjoy a beautiful serene post. Everything is so sharp and clear. I love the shots foregrounding flowers, the views from the water, that bright garden, and the interspersed slideshows. Were they catching crabs? – there was plenty of competition.

  2. Meg’s just ruined my day! Gilly I’m so sorry! I had no idea when your birthday was. I’m sure I should have it noted but I don’t. (whisper when Meg’s is? I don’t know that either ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) I was about to say that I absolutely love walking with you and then I saw her comment. My favourite shot is that inside looking out. I love that kind of shot! I wish I could be down there with you but I’ll just have to send long distance hugs. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It is a quaint part of the county but I was very surprised to see how SMALL Dartmouth is! I expected a much bigger town, but I am grateful that it isn’t though it is probably quite chaotic during the summer season. And sending you much belated birthday wishes (I confess that like Meg I don’t look at my calendar as I totally missed my D-i-L to be’s birthday on the 8th of the month! Oops!)

  4. What a lovely place – the photos are beautiful. Now I’m thinking of cinnamon toast, which I don’t think I’ve had since childhood. It brings back memories of wonderful times spent with my grandmother. I think I will have to have some for a snack, so thanks for the inspiration!

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