The Butterwalk

A row of former merchants houses and grade 1 listed buildings, the Butterwalk in Dartmouth has been standing since the early 17th century.

The structure features 11 eleven granite piers, originally 13. I’d guess the granite came from Dartmoor. There was some serious bomb damage in 1943, thankfully renovated a few years later.

It’s been ages since I’ve posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge!


12 thoughts on “The Butterwalk

  1. What a great structure! I have visited Dartmouth in the past, but I don’t recall the Butterwalk…..fancy missing it…. 😟

  2. I have a photo of the Butterwalk taken by my late Uncle. He was a keen photographer, doing his own developing and printing. And it looks like he made the frame himself. The picture is undated but by the style of female clothes I would guess mid 1960s. It is almost the same viewpoint as your picture. It is behind glass so making a copy would be tricky and I think the frame might come apart if I tried to unmount it.

  3. Lovely processing. Bits of Dartmouth reminded me of Ludlow. I liked Dartmouth a lot, now I need to hunt down my folder and see if I captured this beauty.

  4. It is a long time but this is a great response. Another of those places you’re going to have to show me. 🙂 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Lazy Poet tomorrow.

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