Three Favourite photos

That I can’t choose between.

I get a bit snap happy when I’m in a new, exciting place, and I must say that since I’ve been taking photos, I notice the world around me so much more. I do get fed up with carrying things though, so some days if a camera feels too heavy or it won’t go in my bag of the day, I’ll move down to a smaller one. Of course the phone is the easiest option, but limited in its capabilities.

I rarely take my dslr out these days, so these three images were all captured with my biggest active camera. They’re the ones I like best from a week in Florence, with a day out in Tuscany.

Do you have lazy camera days or are you okay with carrying heavy things? Perhaps it’s a girl thing, after all we do need ALL the contents of our handbags, an umbrella if it rains and a warm layer if it gets too cool!

Enough waffle, these are the three photos.

An exhibition in Florence
View of the Tuscan hills from Fiesole
The anticipation of rain, Siena

Like or dislike any of them?


37 thoughts on “Three Favourite photos

  1. I’m not a handbag girl, but I do carry a small canvas bag with my wallet and a spare carrier bag and my camera and phone. I often forget the phone… sometimes I will take the camera bag with the other lenses if I think I might need to swap.

    Love the umbrella shot, that’s my favourite. Don’t like the second sculpture, but I like how you have captured it. The first one looks interesting, but I find the ornate building distracts me from the sculptures. At first I thought it was simply a flock of crows taking off, until I looked closer. Maybe you need to be directly underneath for that one.

  2. All three speak to me in different ways. That red pops in number 3. I too use. My use of DSLR daily has fallen off. The phone so accessible. I can’t tell you the number of times I regret my laziness.

  3. Cell phones these days can help out with the lazy days. I really like all your photos….my favorite is the umbrella, then the 1st one and 2nd one. All are fabulous though.

  4. That third photo really intrigues me. It could be hiding so many scenarios. Your camera question just hit the spot with me as when travelling I NEVER left my big camera behind, it became part of my anatomy. But now I’m home I do find it very cumbersome so often ( read always…) I leave it at home. So just a couple of days ago I bought a compact canon to fit in my pocket or bag. I’m loving it as it does all my big one does even has a bigger zoom, 40mm where the other is 35mm, it is about 5 years old now. How technology advances

  5. I love ❀️ all the photos, Gilly, but the last one has a creatively artistic mood. 😍
    I must reveal a secret. When I feel like I can’t carry my DSLR I turn to hubby and he knows it’s going to be his day to carry the big camera. Fortfpr me he doesn’t mind. Sssooo … lucky. 😎

  6. All superb shots, but I LOVE the colours and composition of the last one Gilly.
    I own a very heavy DSLR and I find it is always on my lazy days that the best photo opportunities pop up.

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