Pups and poems

I seem to be having a bit of a blogging slow down at present. It’s been a busy few weeks, with a christening, quite a few hours of Saturdays spent driving and a failed sandal and summer clothes shopping trip. Two of my friends have been struggling with health problems and of course there’s work . . .

Add to that an eleven month puppy boy, who needed to become  bit less boy!

George has been house bound for a week, with a plastic collar to stop him licking his wound, and almost constant surveillance to stop him jumping around like the crazy adolescent he is. The problem  is that Flora is very keen to help lick him better, so sometimes she’s been wearing a collar too.

He’s allowed a 5 minute walk a day now. He doesn’t reckon much to walks, he likes a drive to the river or valley park, around 10 miles running to my 3 mile walk and when he’s a little tired he’ll walk back to the car. Flora is more than happy to walk on her own and behaves beautifully while he mopes and howls at home. One more week and he should be back to normal.

I’m sorry if I haven’t visited you for a few days. When I have opened my reader, all I’ve seen is the six most recent posts and a white question mark in a blue circle, has anyone else had that problem?

I’ve just remembered i should be asking Meg’s permission to use her photo. Meg can I print your photo to A4 size please nicely? I’ll credit you of course. I’m reading two poems at this thing on Saturday evening, or more likely, I’ll persuade my friend to read them because I’m shy.  Both poems were inspired by a photo, one Meg’s and one mine, so I’d like to be able show them. Before you ask, the poems are already on this site somewhere, before the most recent edits!

I’m hoping for a peaceful weekend, a three day one as well because Monday is Mayday bank holiday, hooray. We may even get a little hint of summer, so I’d better try again with the sandals, oh the troubles big feet bring.

Have fun my lovelies.







14 thoughts on “Pups and poems

  1. Enjoy your shopping … I’m afraid I’ve become a bit lazy when it comes to shopping. I shop on-line and find the free shipping returns to be great. I buy less too. All the in-store sales are always tempting. Hope your weekend poetry read is grand.
    Issy 😎

  2. Poor George, but it is for his own good, but try telling a dog that!!! Enjoy the poetry session and good luck with shopping, I am not a fan of shopping either I love my old, well worn clothes and can never find replacements I like when they finally reach their use-by date.

  3. I’m with you on the shopping! Also hate it. But clothes do wear out eventually (or are too badly stained to wear even in the garden) and I am coming to that time again. Back to Birkenstocks for me this year as I wore flip flops last summer and am convinced that caused the problem with the ankle issue. Birks are wider too, though maybe not the most glamorous sandals. And I also get the ? in the blue circle, it is simple a help icon, but I don’t know why you only see six posts 😦

    1. I wear flip flops but not if I’m walking any distance or in a hurry, in fact I bought a pretty pair in Primarni for £3. I lie the look of Birkenstock but need a heel strap really.

  4. The blue circle with the white question mark is the new “help” button — but since help is so hard to come by from WordPress, I don’t see it doing any good. I do still see a long list of posts in my Reader, but occasionally someone I’m following seems to get dropped and I have to unfollow and then follow them again to get them back on my list.

  5. Of course you can. I’ve given blanket permission. Your poems always add so much to my photo. Good luck with the reading, shy one.

    As for doggy pain and busy life, will Warsaw offer relaxation? And are you bringing puppies??!! The only dogs I’ve met closely hear was a horrible nippy one, and a ridiculous corgi with a tongue longer than his legs. Oh, and everyone here seems to have a 2D whippet. I could do with a dose of real dog.

  6. Oh, sweetheart, you are lovely! 🙂 🙂 I’ve not noticed WP playing that particular trick but we all know how mischievous it can be. I’m feeling a bit blog slumpy myself. Or maybe just slumpy! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hope George heals fast. I noticed a change in WP format and the blue circle question mark. Sometimes I’m not seeing familiar bloggers posts. Blogging ebbs and flows for me. Managing to post a blog, sometimes on the fly, is easier than savoring and digesting the myriad posts of hundreds of fellow bloggers. I want to reciprocate and respond to comments but it is time consuming to do it thoroughly. My very favorite sandal is the Rose model by Keen as it covers the toes and has a firm heel strap. I see it on Amazon UK. Have a good holiday Monday.

  8. The urge to Blog comes in fits and starts for me Gilly, I admire your discipline in publishing so many interesting blogs so regularly and with such amazing photos too! I hope George is more comfortable now, animals do heal quickly. It made me laugh that Flora wants to lick him better, so has to wear a ‘cone of shame’ as well! I hope you find your new clothes and sandals soon ~ it’s not good when you cant find exactly what you like. I wear Sketchers Memory Foam trainers most of the time, as anything else causes me tremendous pain. Bit boring, but simple to make a choice! 🙂

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