Pups and poems

I seem to be having a bit of a blogging slow down at present. It’s been a busy few weeks, with a christening, quite a few hours of Saturdays spent driving and a failed sandal and summer clothes shopping trip. Two of my friends have been struggling with health problems and of course there’s work . . .

Add to that an eleven month puppy boy, who needed to become  bit less boy!

George has been house bound for a week, with a plastic collar to stop him licking his wound, and almost constant surveillance to stop him jumping around like the crazy adolescent he is. The problem  is that Flora is very keen to help lick him better, so sometimes she’s been wearing a collar too.

He’s allowed a 5 minute walk a day now. He doesn’t reckon much to walks, he likes a drive to the river or valley park, around 10 miles running to my 3 mile walk and when he’s a little tired he’ll walk back to the car. Flora is more than happy to walk on her own and behaves beautifully while he mopes and howls at home. One more week and he should be back to normal.

I’m sorry if I haven’t visited you for a few days. When I have opened my reader, all I’ve seen is the six most recent posts and a white question mark in a blue circle, has anyone else had that problem?

I’ve just remembered i should be asking Meg’s permission to use her photo. Meg can I print your photo to A4 size please nicely? I’ll credit you of course. I’m reading two poems at this thing on Saturday evening, or more likely, I’ll persuade my friend to read them because I’m shy.  Both poems were inspired by a photo, one Meg’s and one mine, so I’d like to be able show them. Before you ask, the poems are already on this site somewhere, before the most recent edits!

I’m hoping for a peaceful weekend, a three day one as well because Monday is Mayday bank holiday, hooray. We may even get a little hint of summer, so I’d better try again with the sandals, oh the troubles big feet bring.

Have fun my lovelies.