Sea nymphs splash around

‘Splash’ says Paula, for pick a word Thursday. Well a paddle would be quite nice and it’s 32 degrees according to my phone.
Then again it’s nice and cool right here at the kitchen table, so for now, I think that’s where I’ll stay.

Just a couple of you might recognise this photo, it was here 6 years ago.



12 thoughts on “Sea nymphs splash around

  1. Hi Lucid Gypsy, I am an American and my wife and I are visiting Tavira in Sept. I didnt find a search box on your site, to post a comment re Tavira, so am posting here instead. restlessjo mentioned you stayed at an airbnb by the train station while there. any pointers in that regard would really be appreciated, as we are looking at airbnb and am finding some pretty funky places but nothing that excites us yet! Sorry for the imposition and asking for help from a complete stranger, but there you have it. cheers.

    1. Hi Alibey, it’s no imposition at all, but I’m sorry to say that the apartment I stayed in is no longer listed on air bnb, a pity because I would probably have stayed there again. There does seem to be more homes in Tavira listed now, so you shouldn’t have a problem, just dive in. It was a good location though, literally around the corner from the station, with a supermarket just as close, for all the essentials. The bus station is a ten minute walk, the town and river about the same. I’d probably look for the same area if i go again.

      The town is lovely, not too many hoards of tourists in September. Public transport is easy and you can get the ferry out to the islands if you want to lie on a beach. We also got a private transfer from Faro airport, right to the door which was good.
      I hope you find what you need and enjoy your trip, I think you’ll love it!

  2. It’s tempting isn’t it? Except for all the cars in the car park and then having to walk around all those people with their wind breaks and tents and chairs and tables… life used to be much simpler on the beach when I was a kid!

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