July flush

Well if I’ve seen wisteria flowering in July, I haven’t seen it purple! The house down the road from me has a lovely big plant that’s probably been there for many years. I’ve posted photos of it before, but not looking like this.

Yes, a second flush in a much richer purple!


25 thoughts on “July flush

  1. Now I want to see what it looks like in May. I saw some in Trelissick on Sunday, also in flower and a very lovely mauve-purple colour. Trouble is I never seem to get there when it is in full bloom so I don’t know if the colour was deeper than usual. Wonderful to see it having a second flush πŸ™‚

      1. It is a beauty. Quite deep purple on the new blossom, so maybe that is why the second flush comes out purple. Perhaps it will fade.

  2. Wisteria is always a winner with me – glorious in both colour and droop. I entered my grandfather’s house under an arch covered in an old twisted vine, beautiful both in and out of flower.

      1. My first one was enormous, and then on year just suddenly died back completely. Cut it back down to its base and kind of forgot about it, following year there was life! Amazing, but yes it is taking ages to return to what it once was.

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