Paula’s Thursday Special, Frontier

Paula at Lost in Translation is making a flying visit this week with a Thursday Special challenge, with five words to choose between, I’ve chosen ‘Frontier’.

Burkino Faso FrontierAm I the only one that hears a place name like Ouagadougou and wants to go there? The answer is probably yes, unless you say otherwise!

I didn’t cross the border, and the advice for Burkina Faso is currently only essential travel.  This was as close as I could go when I took this photo.

There are four more choices this week, gushing, aperture, triplets and tapered, perhaps you’d like to join in?




9 thoughts on “Paula’s Thursday Special, Frontier

  1. Great capture, Gilly. I like the message on the sign wishing the traveller a safe journey. I think I would have liked to go to Ouagadougou. The name is quite exotic and I see that there are some very interesting museums and art galleries there today. Having come this far, I would have been disappointed not to be able to go further.

  2. Yes, it’s definitely a name that lures. The more so because I think Graham went there on his overland trip donkeys years ago – a trip of which I am very envious. Your photo well captures that sort of no-man’s-land feel of a frontier.

  3. No, you’re not alone! Borders hold a fascination in and of themselves, before you add in exotic names. I remember my mob being very annoyed with parents who wouldn’t (for a reason I cannot fathom now) let them cross from NSW into Queensland once upon a time. Maybe why 3/4 of them cross borders at every opportunity!!

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. email under construction!

  4. That turned over chair really makes the scene more interesting. I am glad you came back safely, Gilly. Thank you for the lovely contribution.

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