What a nice surprise

Once upon a time, I visited Antony near Torpoint for my birthday. They must have known I was coming but the welcome was most unexpected.

Look what I found.

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Did you see something unexpected? Share it with Ann-Christine and see her experimental photos.


12 thoughts on “What a nice surprise

  1. I think you should complain to the ad-placing people. The ad for a book dominates your Post and I accidentally clicked on it and was horrified to find a hard sell for a political and economic stand that I am firmly against. I got out of that and back into your Post where I found what you were really trying to show me (which is really good, by the way) but I am still not happy about the way that advertisement takes over your page.

  2. Loving the quirky artwork Gilly ~ great choices for the theme. I’ve lived in Torpoint twice, the first time for 12 years, the second only 1, so I know Antony very well! šŸ™‚

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