Lens Artist Challenge

Patti, do you remember the song Fijian Girl? Your photos reminded me, but I know that shows my age!

Here are my ‘Nature’ photos for Patti’s Lens Artist Challenge this week.

If you stretch your imagination, you might see the M that I see, M for Meg who will like this cliff in north Devon.

This tiny snail is perfectly formed, a young Fibonacci in the making.

One of England’s prettiest wild flowers, and one with medicinal properties, containing digitalin.

I captured a magical vertical cloud.

Also for Meg, the odd place on the south Devon coast where the white chalk stone of Beer ends and the red sandstone of Seaton begins.

Join Patti here.



12 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge

  1. What a marvellous collection, and not only but spectacularly the rocks. That conjunction in the last one is amazing. I’ve never seen anything so dramatic or easily noted. As for the first one, I want to be sitting on that ledge, looking across at the chevrons that are my initial. It looks as if it may have been the site of major geological action. Thank you.

  2. Yes, my vote goes to the first shot too, Gilly. I love that ruggedness. Reminds me of some of the cliff faces in Madeira, and of the Azores. Trip booked- 4 islands and mega excited. 🙂 🙂

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