Making the work day brighter

In the grounds of the hospital these California tree poppys are thriving in the summer sun. Around 15 feet along a wall, it’s fragrance wafts in the air, each flower makes me smile.

Aren’t they lovely? Happy Thursday.


12 thoughts on “Making the work day brighter

  1. What a marvellous show, Gilly. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Californian tree poppy in person, and the fact they have a scent makes them even more appealing.

  2. They are fabulous flowers and I love them when those yellow stamens fall. But scented? That I didn’t know! Enjoy them while they last? Are you suffering from the heatwave? We are in cloud so not so warm at all, just horribly humid.

    1. Yes scented! Its very hot but still had a lunchtime walk and my manager bought ice creams so alls well. Beach for fish and chips a bit later 😊

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