A Summer of Journaling

Myfanwy has organised a two month antidote to a summer of sport, a committment to creative journaling, on a new blog, ‘Write On’. She isn’t strict, it doesn’t have to be every single day and the prompts she is posting are ideas that you can choose to use or not. It’s about enjoying being creative.
I’ve decided to join in and rather than using an existing journal, I will use loose pages and make them into a hand stitched book at the end of August. That way it will be whatever size it is, rather than making myself feel guilty for only doing a few pages of a new book.
This morning at around 5am, the first prompt was to take some time to be quiet, and write about what you hear.
This is my first page, July 1st 2014.
journal page 1

Many of you will know Myfanway, she also blogs at Chittle Chattle and has created an inspiring Facebook Group, Be Creative.

Story Challenge: Letter ‘H’

Frizztext’s challenge is H this week and he asks that we  ‘share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “H”? For example I’ve written about HONG KONG (watch below) or about HONEYMOONERS, about HORSEs, HIPPIEs and HYDRANTs, about HANGING, HAND BAGS and HATS, about HA LONG BAY, HANDS or HIPPOs, HOLIDAYS or HAIRDRESSERs, “HIGH FIVE” or HOBBIES, HERRINGS or HOUSEBOATS, HOT PANTS or HANG GLIDERS, HAITI or HOLLAND etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “H”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “H”!!!’.

So I’ve chosen hats, men in hats to be precise. It began last night when I caught an interview with Larry Hagman on TV in advance of the return of Dallas to  our screens. He was wearing his trademark Stetson, a little beige number made from beaver which apparently cost five thousand dollars, an obscene amount of money.

Because I’m a crafter I go to lots of country shows and village days in summer and there are always men in hats to be seen. Here are three that amuse me, hope you like them too.


You can join Frizz’s challenge and see some more entries here,