Art or Graffiti, Saturated

Michelle W. showcased a saturated image from the streets of Montreal for the weekly Photo Challenge this week. She said that our photos can be any colour, even black and white as long as they are SATURATED. This is my second post because when I walked the dogs in the rain today, I saw these new images and wondered are they art of graffiti? What do you think?
graffiti or art
art or graffiti

Both photos were taken on the river bank, on the underside of the road bridges crossing the Exe. There is a lot of art there and it changes fairly frequently. I wonder if the same people are painting over their own work. Perhaps the nature of street art is that it’s transient.

Music in Pictures, the Story

Elisa has posted her new music in pictures challenge today instead of Friday, a good idea as so many people post the weekend challenges. Thursday is good for me, it’s a bit of a lull day usually, so this will make me think. She has posted a link to the lovely Sara Ramirez version of  The Story, and I’ve chosen this photo because I think it’s so important to listen to the stories our children tell us.


Here, some school children were given a hoarding as an art space, while it hid some conversion work. I hope they had photos of their individual and joint contributions.