Art or Graffiti, Saturated

Michelle W. showcased a saturated image from the streets of Montreal for the weekly Photo Challenge this week. She said that our photos can be any colour, even black and white as long as they are SATURATED. This is my second post because when I walked the dogs in the rain today, I saw these new images and wondered are they art of graffiti? What do you think?
graffiti or art
art or graffiti

Both photos were taken on the river bank, on the underside of the road bridges crossing the Exe. There is a lot of art there and it changes fairly frequently. I wonder if the same people are painting over their own work. Perhaps the nature of street art is that it’s transient.

18 thoughts on “Art or Graffiti, Saturated

  1. These are unbelievable for street art but then it’s never terrible, always amazing. The second one is not a preferred colour as far as I have seen. Mostly lots of colour is used. Interesting to think of the two side-by-side. Wonderful captures, Gilly.

  2. such a good question. is it graffiti, which is a form of vandalism, or is it art? i have seen some amazing graffiti while travelling by train in Europe, and it’s a question that i continue to keep asking myself. while annoying to some, and it would be to me if it was painted on my car or wall, there is obvious talent involved, and i have admired some of it.
    in some ways it would be a shame if there was no outlet for such artists to share their skill with the world…. so in some ways it is actually nice that there are bridges and walls along train tracks as a ready canvas.
    what a brilliant click! thanks for sharing.

  3. These are really brilliant, especially the second one. Such talent seems wasted on the underside of a bridge. I wonder how these artists earn a living, and find time to do this too. The mystery for me, is ‘When do they create these paintings?’. I’ve never seen anyone furtively spraying paint on walls. 🙂

  4. The pictures – definitely art. I’m not so sure about the inscriptions – especially on the second painting, they might be the artist’s signature and a dedication; then again, they might be plain old graffiti that somebody else painted over the portrait. But the pictures are wonderful.

  5. Definitely art Gilly. Wow! Some of these street artists are so talented and what a way to display their stunning work. I love it. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*

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