Jakes Sunday Post: Surroundings

About a year ago I was procrastinating over some study on a dull Saturday afternoon, so I decided to take my phone camera and see what I could find within five minutes from home. I always intended to post it, now I know why I waited, thanks Jake! To join in visit Jake here Here are my Heavitree surroundings.

In reply to http://traveller2006.wordpress.com/ here are the words around the tree guard in the photo below.

‘up tree up

sky remains sky earth remains earth

here we are human betwixt and between

sing pretty maids all in a row in a row

and pretty maids all in a row

the droves of kine and wide herds of goats

and flocks of fleecy sheep if she will she

increases from a few or makes many of less

what the hand to write?

what the ear to hear?

what proclaims the red sandstone of Heavitree?

The words sleep within rock to be brought to life

in yew deep rooted oak where stunned

horizons branch out

to meadow copse and housing estate

Oh Heavitree!