January Small Stones # 10


It arrived on Christmas Eve and the aroma has become more pungent each day. A small round Camembert that lurked for a while with Stilton, Brie, Cheddar and Double Gloucester. For the last week the smell has had to be contained in a sealed box but even so it has escaped to pounce on fridge openers bombarding nasal passages. It was so strong that plans had to be made to ensure that the fridge door was open as briefly as possible. Today it had to be tackled.

I removed the outer wrapper, squidging to check it was ripe. Perfect. Re-wrapping it, I covered it with foil and popped it into a hot oven for twenty minutes.

The most divine lazy girls Tuesday tea and I notice that the smell seems to have faded as the flavour has developed!




17 thoughts on “January Small Stones # 10

  1. Oh, I just love cheese. There isn’t one I don’t enjoy. I don’t think I could have attempted that one without help. My favorite is having cheese and wine parties. It’s simple, the variety of cheese and wines are endless and very little cooking and clean-up. MMMMmmmm …. will have to consider having one soon. BUT … it will have to wait as i just packed away my Chirstmas tree and decorations today ( January 10) YES … a bit late. Actually, I liked the way they looked so much I was considering leaving them up all year … LLOL
    P.S. I like the word – squidging – I am making it the word of the day. ~~~ : – )

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