January Small Stone # 21

So frustrating today when I saw a rainbow and couldn’t photograph it. My android solves the problem of not being able to carry the big camera everywhere I’d like to, its camera is superb, but this time I was driving. Going down the dual carriageway, south of Dartmoor, when a both-ends-bow burst out, arching its way around Haytor in the distance. The wind was battering at my little Sadie, and steering her was hard enough when I looked straight ahead, looking right was pushing my luck!

I miss the Moor, haven’t been up since October but soon . . . and rainbows, well another blogger cheered me up with her post here,


13 thoughts on “January Small Stone # 21

  1. rainbows are so special, even if we know what causes them, the colours lighting up the sky remind us of our real nature …light!!! thanks gilly, hope you get up to the moors soon 🙂

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