100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #28


This is only my second go at the 100 word challenge so be gentle with me 🙂 This weeks prompt is . . . you bought her what . . .

Surprise Gift

‘Have you tried Dingenhams? There’s bound to be something she’d like, perfume, a watch?’

‘Not a clue, wouldn’t it be better to give her money to choose her . . .’

‘I don’t believe it, you’ve been married thirty years dad’ exasperated she shoved the chair in. ‘last year you bought her what I told you to buy, for heaven’s sake you choose this time, it’s the thought that counts.’


            Back at the café, he beamed at her, ‘Sorted, look, she’ll love it.’

Stephanie rattled the bag and unwrapped . . . a bread knife.

You bought her what’?




29 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #28

  1. LOL. My other half usually buys something that’s edible. It’s always something he likes – and he has absolutely no idea what I like…..

    I think he’s too old to change now 😆

  2. Clever to get the prompt in twice – and seemingly effortlessly both times. We’re all assuming she’s going to hate the knife, but you never know……. I bought my mom a bread knife for her last birthday and she LOVED it! Mind you, it was a left-handed knife and after years of butchering bread with a right-handed knife she was overjoyed to discover that actually she *can* cut straight. Maybe “Dad” has a left-handed wife?

  3. Gilly, I love this one. Totally reminds me of conversations with my Dad. Some men are just *too* practical when it comes to gift-giving!

  4. This is great! Typical man – they just don’t have a clue about presents, by and large. (There are a few exceptions!) I love the way you have put the prompt in twice, and it works both times. It may only be your second go, but I think you’ve jumped in with both feet now!

  5. A lovely story Gilly.
    Had me smiling at the end.
    I have to say that us men seem to be having a hard time in a number of the stories this week. I don’t think women realise just how hard it is for us men to choose presents – we never seem to get it right.
    I thought a bread knife seemed very sensible.

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