Weekly Photo Challenges : Random and Alone

So far this week The Daily Post at WordPress hasn’t published it’s Weekly Photo Challenge and so two of my blogging friends have decided to post their own. I have decided to join them with a photo for ‘Random’, based on Maggie’s blog


Jumping for joy at being in Cappadocia!

and this one ‘Alone’ as prompted by Margie at


Alone, and happily guarding his shrine

Thanks to both of you for providing this weeks inspiration!

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenges : Random and Alone

  1. It was your blog post which inspired me to suggest a theme of my own. I do like ‘alone’ as that is what we are without daily post giving us a theme. Perhaps I’ll see what I can do on that theme tomorrow.

    1. Izzy there is also ‘waiting’ challenge if you prefer. I intend to do that one tomorrow and look forward to seeing what you post 🙂 Happy weekend dear !

  2. hey Gilly, great images for the challenges.
    i have joined Margie’s on ‘alone’ as well – using an archived post that not too many have seen. trust you are keeping well. hope wordpress will continue with the weekly photo challenges in the long run. but this is a great idea!

    1. I’m good thanks Kris! Yes I hope they do continue simply because of the volume of photos we get to see but if not I guess between us we can continue. It’s strange that they haven’t made any comments though.

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