87 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

    1. There was a cockroach encrusted board walk climbing all around the edge of this huge cave and those guys actually lived there for two or three months at a time. The smell was so awful felt ill after half an hour. If you have time read the post on the link above!

  1. Fantastic photo Gilly!!! So glad you kept it, it really shows the scale of the place. Um, birds nest? Is bird saliva really THAT much of a delicacy? Can’t say I’d want to eat it OR collect it!! Great shot.

  2. Fantastic, I already can feel the vertigo sneeking up into my brain… I first thought about people going after honey, but you mention further up they are looking after egs. I stay amazed about hat humans achieve…

  3. OMG – vertigo …. hahaha … do not delete anything. Are you kidding? This is fantastic. I know I would feel the same way. We are too critical of our work. It is a great shot. I would never climb anything higher than a sidewalk step. I do admire people who do this. They are something to watch.
    Nice entry, Gilly.
    Izzy xoxo

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