100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week# 52

Julia seems to think that the challenge she has set this week is easy, maybe you would like to try it out, it certainly wasn’t easy for me. I couldn’t find words to go before together the flames and I think i have cheated because altogether can only be one word? Anyway here goes.


On the day before I became a widow, I caught the London train for a weekend with the girls. Oh how we laughed that evening, fuelled with cocktails, sharing the events of the last year. New jobs, new grandchildren, and Stella’s new romance with Paul from Woodleigh comprehensive, he wouldn’t get away this time. Paul’s ex-wife had moved to my village, she could be the one I see walking the schnauzer.

Over breakfast we saw the BBC Devon news.

‘The bodies of a man and woman were found in the bedroom of the middle cottage; all together the flames destroyed three homes.’

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19 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week# 52

  1. Clever! I wonder if the narrator set up the situation – arson, anyone? – and then went off to get an alibi from the girls. Or was it all a horrible shock?

    FWIW – my dictionary tells me that “altogether and all together are sometimes confused…altogether means completely, entirely…all together means as a group.” So, since you’re talking about a group of houses, I think your usage is all correct!

  2. sensational, i am just writing about my mother experiencing the disappearance of her fiance, he was never seen again by family or anyone, a death, and they had all gone away for the weekend when it happened!

  3. I think this line is great – “we laughed that evening, fuelled with cocktails,”
    A perfect way to describe a fun time of story telling updates. You always have
    really nice twists in your story. I liked this one, Gilly.
    Good job ….

  4. What a terrifying twist, there, Gilly, even if you set it up early. (I really like that opening line, by the way…one of those gems of a first line we dream about creating!) Lots of portent, and then that ending contrast. Nice work!

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