100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 54

I’m really late for Julia’s challenge this week. The prompt is ‘Legacy’ , the fourth in a series of Olympic themes, but people may have interpreted it in different ways. Check them here,


Oliver’s Legacy

Dear Oliver

You know, I wept every day for six months, I was so lost.

And now I’m angry. If you had had a car accident or even been attacked it would be different, but you had a choice, and you put diving first every time.

You said it was safe, no one died jumping off a high board. So what do you do? Get your Gold and then fool around, one step too far.

I can’t undo what’s happened. Olympia has arrived now; she looks at me with your eyes. Your legacy, but she will be frightened of water.



15 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 54

  1. You fit so much into these few words – the dead man’s obsession, the wife or lover’s grief and resentment, the long lonely months of waiting for Olympia to arrive. Another beautifully told story!

  2. Great use of the prompt, Gilly. I like the letter format, but – more – the frustration, while sad, rings true. That slight tone of accusation toward Oliver is so nicely done, and so real. Lovely work!

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