We Go Out After Dark

I’m finally having a go at Maggie Elizabeth’ prompt, this week she said it could be  a photo, art, writing or a song. 

So I’m using a photo you may have seen before  and have just scrawled this to go with it. You may need to live in Britain to get it, I don’t know?

We go out after dark

Freshness of face hidden

Under identical masks

Displaying our individuality

Our dress sense unique

Only five thousand made

For a top shops 440 branches

Glittered American nails

Rhinestoned sweep of lashes

Scaffolding to access

Gold heeled sparkling platforms

Break our legs on Jagerbombs

When we go out after dark

Very rare huntresses

Maggie would be thrilled to see you if you would like to join in!

15 thoughts on “We Go Out After Dark

  1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for Liking my Travel Theme: Red post. I also do a weekly Pictorial Highlight on a different bioregion of California; today I should be posting part 2 of Humboldt, where the mighty redwoods live to their fullest, home of the gorgeous Roosevelt Elk =) *Following* your lovely blog now. Nice amanita muscaria mushroom on the right on your home page! I love hallucinogenic plants, culturally, anthropologically, and actually =D

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

  2. Love the poem Gilly oh and how I would love those boots. A friend of mine [when we were younger…so much younger] used to pop me in to silver [high…very, very high] heels when we went out.

  3. That is only deadly heels. Bwahahaha 😀
    And the glitter can blind a driving man from a distant. Even more Bwahahahah 😀
    Sorry, I amuse myself some times.

  4. You don’t need to go out in Britain to understand.. just spend time after dark in any big metro area! LOL.
    FYI, I’m beginning to realize I was never that young and stylish. Kudos to all who were/are!! Double kudos if you never needed a cast the next day!! 😉

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