100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 58

I’ve missed a couple of weeks lately but I made it this time and early too. Julia’s prompt is ‘As the apple fell’ and I’m hoping she won’t mind that I’m adding a photo.


Repair Job

‘And this is our newest sculpture, perfect placing eh? We were lucky to get lottery funding,’ he said, puffed with pride, to the journalist who squinted as someone dashed towards them.

‘Ah, here comes the artist now.’

‘It’s striking,’ the woman from Gardeners Globe said, ‘I like the way the Raku makes it look, uh, well a bit rotten.’

‘Raku, I don’t make Raku, what the . . .?


‘I tried to glue it’


‘Thought I’d caught it but ‘twas wet see? Wet clay soil and I slipped as the apple fell off me wheelbarrow.’

The artist and gardener were equally flushed.