Lady Anne’s Rosemoor

On of my favourite parts of Rosemoor is Lady Anne’s garden. She was the previous owner of Rosemoor, and in 1988 she donated her 8 acre garden and another 32 acres of land to the RHS. For this post I’m choosing some of Septembers loveliest flowers.

So, have you any idea which might be my favourite plant?

If you would like to know what any of the plants are, I remember most of them and I know a blogger who will know the ones I can’t recall!


Thursday’s Windows

Sandra had started a new challenge, Thursday’s Windows! She is taking a  very light hearted approach, join in if you want or skip it if you don’t. It’s going to be windows every week so I don’t know if I can manage it but for now I’m joining her.

If you have a pretty, ugly or interesting window you would like to post the link at  Sandra‘s!