Travel Theme: Curves

Ailsa has chosen curves for this week’s travel theme. The picture I have chosen was taken in Dorset, the Undercliff at Lyme Regis again. The beach is part of the Jurassic coast and the rock there was laid down 200-150 million years ago. I think this curvy beauty is an ammonite, but it also has several other fossils in the centre. They call the area where I photographed it the ammonite graveyard because there are many on the beach.

The fossil is around 18 inches wide!

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Music in Pictures Contest: See the World

Autumn in Bruges has chosen ‘See the World’ as her theme this week. Pop across to see a video and hear the great song by Gomez. Maybe you will join in this time? Here is my shot at it. 

Signs like these can be seen all over the place and like the other places Yeji, on the shore of Lake Volta knows it’s the centre of the world, I have to agree!