Travel Theme: Curves

Ailsa has chosen curves for this week’s travel theme. The picture I have chosen was taken in Dorset, the Undercliff at Lyme Regis again. The beach is part of the Jurassic coast and the rock there was laid down 200-150 million years ago. I think this curvy beauty is an ammonite, but it also has several other fossils in the centre. They call the area where I photographed it the ammonite graveyard because there are many on the beach.

The fossil is around 18 inches wide!

Go visit Ailsa to see some more curves!


18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Curves

  1. What a lovely take on this challenge. Fossils are really fascinating and this one is a beauty! A friend has been to the beach you wrote about. He raved about it for days!

  2. This is a wonderful ammonite. I had a few cabochons and slices of it when I was making jewelry. If it is like the ones I had, the color is shades of beige from light to dark. I have been to gem shows hwere they had very large ones for collectors. Excellent photo of it for the entry into Ailsa’s challenge.

  3. Look at that! I’m going to have to ask Robert to take me to the Jurasic coast while I’m still here in E. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! How intricate it is — and the color is really special. Dorset really does have some of the most beautiful things to offer, doesn’t it? I keep seeing the Dorset Rambler’s pictures of all the gorgeous places, and it makes me want to go there.

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