Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This is what they have to say about the challenge this week over at  The Daily Post .

Everyday Life. This challenge is all about people and the things they do every day: working, eating, drinking, chatting, dreaming, walking, exercising, or any of those things we do all the time without really thinking about it. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, or around the streets where you work or study, and take a look at the people you see.You might think that your neighbourhood isn’t very interesting, but imagine that you’re giving a guided tour to someone from the other side of the world—what’s normal for you might be extraordinary to them. 

And this is my entry.



Travel Theme: Texture

Ailsa has chosen texture this week. I like the different textures of and around this old sewing machine, wood that is decaying, metal that is rusting and stone that is crumbling. I also wonder what stories it could tell us, whose hand has turned the missing handle and how many garments it has helped to create. 

The photo was taken at Sultanhani Caravanserai on the road between Askaray and Konya, in Central Anatolia, Turkey.