100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 59

Julia has chosen this picture for her challenge this week. A photo I have seen before and wondered, whatever would make someone walk to the edge, never mind sit there? How would you get back up again?

So I think it would have to be a very desperate reason.

Long Drop

That morning he’d found her cowering in the barn, her face turned eggplant purple, and an ugly gash to the back of her head. His brother-in-law had stirred when Ray took the gun from his belt, and pulled a blade, as he used the hay bales to push himself up. He crumpled instantly, blood sprayed from his mouth, it took just one of his own bullets, shot from Ray’s steady hand.

He listened until he had heard both a heavy thud and an empty metallic clatter. That’s taken care of it. I’ve covered my tracks and she’ll come to no harm again. 

16 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 59

  1. Very effective! I had to read the story twice to realize where he was when he heard the thud and clatter…now that I’ve figured that out, there’s even room for a happy ending of sorts (allowing for all kinds of long, painful recovery), isn’t there? I think?

  2. I felt for Ray, an ordinary man driven to extremes and then driven to the edge to…what? I also had trouble following all the he and his references – whose belt, who was shot. It took a bit of working out.

  3. That is a sad story. All of us have experienced tragedy and how we face them and who we face it with makes a difference. I agree, desperation can lead us to the edge. I just hope that when it happens someone is there to tell us, “Stop, there’s hope. I’m here.”

  4. I enjoyed this one, Gilly, but – I, too, had to read it twice. I thought it was one thing then realized it wasn’t. It must be the he and the him that made it confusing and not your accent. LOL
    These 100 Word challenges can kick b-tt sometimes. Keep on keepin’ on.

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