Travel Theme: Bright

Ailsa’s theme this week is an antidote to all of the dark images of Halloween we have seen this week. Visit her here to join in or see lots more bright images. I’ve decided to limit myself to one photo this week, taken at Hagia Sofia, St Sophia in Istanbul.

I hope it’s bright enough!

21 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Bright

  1. Dearest Gilly, I just saw your entry for this week’s travel theme and I feel obliged to tell you how awful it made me feel. This is a Greek Orthodox Church, the greatest one ever called Agia Sofia Church. The Turks turned it into a mosque to show their dominance on the Greek community that once not that long ago, existed there. Of course they could not tear it down, since it is an architectural landmark so they put up all these hideous signs and built all these mosques around it. Instanbul’s name used to be Constantinople (which means the city – “polis” – of Constantine – hence, Constantinople). The name Instanbul has also a Greek origin since it was made of three Greek words: eis (to) tin (the) polin (city), hence Instanbul. I’m sorry if this sounds like a “tell-off”, but it is a very sensitive matter (for me at least) and it hurts so much the greatest Greek Church being called and used as a mosque…

  2. Dear Gilly,
    thank you for reading and being sensitive to my comment. You didn’t have to change the description to your photograph, but doing so, shows you ‘re a sensitive person with an open mind. I really appreciate your being able to understand. 🙂

    1. Of course I would change it! My photos from that day were confusing, it was at the end of a 2000 mile journey and I was shattered. I actually thought that St Sophia’s was next door, I’m sorry I got it wrong.
      What I did feel in Turkey was its liberal attitude towards religion nowadays, the past is sad, as it is in many places, but we can’t undo.
      It is still a place of God, and if I had a real faith it would be in one God and I think that is why I can be comfortable in religious buildings of any type. It was a beautiful and peaceful place.

      1. Oh, Gilly! I’m sorry if I came on too strong. Sometimes I get too sentimental and patriotic about matters that, as you say, belong to the past. I believe in God but rarely go to church, as I believe that my relationship with Him is not defined by the number of times that I visit a church but it is constant and flowing, inside of me.
        Still, thanks again for your sensitivity. I really appreciate it! 🙂 ❤

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