100Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week # 82

Julia says, ‘As Easter is nearly with us and the shops are bulging with it,’ the prompt is:
…looking at all of that chocolate…

Golden Pods

I stood looking at all of that chocolate and was carried back in time to my childhood home. Then I didn’t know what chocolate tasted like, I just knew the yellow pods had to be harvested and sent away, so that children in other countries could have something called Easter eggs. But eggs came from chickens.   I asked if a chicken was inside. I covered my eyes as father took a machete and aimed, I didn’t want to see a baby chick cut open. Bang, and then there was something creamy. I put my finger in and tasted, so this was chocolate? But what about the eggs?

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18 thoughts on “100Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week # 82

  1. “I put my finger in and tasted, so this was chocolate? But what about the eggs?” was the best part! 🙂 Great job!

  2. My dad used to plant cacao at our backyard. Me and ny siblings would eat the sweet pulp meat, then mom would dry the seeds, roast them and make a delicious chocolate drink. Miss those days. Wonderful post!

  3. I have never seen the green and yellow cocoa pods up close and personal before, Gilly, thanks. When my boys were little, I would hide Easter Eggs all over the house and leave decorated baskets by their beds so when they woke in the morning all they had to do was follow the bunny-prints to find treasure. I made the bunny trails using flour (easy to vacuum up after the hunt).

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