If you are one of my regular, treasured visitors you will know that I don’t often re-blog, but this is my second today. This is Anne Kealy’s Poem Frost Faeries and I love it. In fact I’ve loved all the poems on her blog so far and if I wasn’t such a lazy poet her style and talent is what I would aspire to. Read and enjoy Frost Faeries, maybe take a peep around her work, you won’t be disappointed, LG.

Anne's Writing

Frost Faeries


They came on the chill of a windless night

with faces of glass, diamond eyes, startled hair –

the air crackling and splintering

before their icy breaths.

On brittle wings they hovered


and with spindled fingers etched in ice

upon my sleeping window

intricate fronds and filigrees, unicorns, dragons,

demons, whirling divas, souls of songs –

Sunlight-captured, burning bright and clear.


Waking now, I still hear strands of laughter

as they skate away –  stealing

those far flung crystal  mornings.


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Lazy Poet’s Thursday Poem, Primrose


Timid fragile flower with strength

to bear and thrive through frost

you push your way through compacted soil

to spread a sunshine blanket

under woodland canopy

where no sun shines

you remain pure along shoulders

of polluted carriageway

and in a cemetery of tombstones

 you stand alert and alive

your palest glow a greeting

that  follows with fragrance elusive

as your unfolding gown dallies

its subtle caress in green velvet folds