Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Lunchtime on a weekday is about eating quickly at my desk and then going out for some fresh air to help keep myself awake for the afternoon. I always have my phone camera with me and keep my eyes open, these photos were taken at various times of the year.¬†Sometimes I walk to the main building, the hospital, where there are often health related displays like the robotic surgery equipment I showed you¬†recently. Below is a walk through, blow up model of the lungs to raise awareness of lung disease a couple of months ago. There are very old trees, and wide grassy areas around the campus and also a childrens park nearby as well as a lovely garden in the cancer support centre. If the weather is just too inclement I’ve been known to walk the very long corridors of the hospital to check out the constantly changing artwork on the walls, check out the shops or sit in one of several cafes. Not bad for a lunch break is it?

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