And this week’s prize for . . .


the most ridiculous news story goes to . . .
Only in Essex, unless you can tell me otherwise?

I’m sure the ones in the photo above were delicious and very safe, photo by

12 thoughts on “And this week’s prize for . . .

  1. What a funny story! I read the BBC news sites quite frequently and unfortunately missed this one. It had me laughing. Unfortunately things like this occur in the states as well and if nothing else at least they provide for a little levity. 🙂

  2. Hey, you know what? I just don’t get what the flap is about..Jack. Maybe if it had been smothered in syrup, the flapjack might have slid down his face, thus, no injury. Perhaps this calls for a change. Oat meal next time. Pardom my sweet humor. Blessings.

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