Sentimental Value

‘The personal value of an object, place or pet derived from the personal memories associated with it’ is what Jake at has challenged us with this week.

My first school, Heavitree, was rebuilt a few years ago and the children now have a lovely modern building and more outdoor space than when I was a pupil. All that remains of the original is the house where the headmaster Mr Knowles lived and had his office. The only reason we children went inside was to see the school nurse, get told off, or like me for extra tutoring because it was decided you had a chance of getting a scholarship for one of the posh schools. It’s no longer part of the school, but a dental surgery.


This is the old school, around the early 20th century.

From a page © M.E. Brine
From a page © M.E. Brine

I’m not going to say what year this was taken but I think I was about seven. The photo was sent to me by Lesley, two to my left. She is probably my oldest friend.

I'm very easy to find!
I’m very easy to find!

DSC_0470The school always had close ties with the church and now it’s renamed St Michaels.


21 thoughts on “Sentimental Value

  1. It’s strange how nostalgic we get when buildings from our past disappear. I haven’t seen the school I attended until about twelve or fifteen years ago. They’d closed it down and the rats and mice moved it. What a mess. Now THAT one should be torn down.

  2. Hello Gilly…I have been absent from reading and commenting…for that I apologize.
    I love your old photos…they are wonderful memories of the things we hold in great sentimental value. I’m so glad that part of the original school buildings has been preserved and is in use today.:)

  3. super post about personal value … great series of images … you are so sweet in your school line up … now i want to find my early school pics too! … thanks gilly!

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