Buckland Abbey Costumes

Hand crafted gentleman’s attire


A lovely gown made by the Costume Group


Lace detail

Sir Francis and his good wife

2013 Apr 06_4090_edited-1

The collar detail


And lastly, the lady from my poem last week. She was very knowledgeable and when I admired her hat, she told me that Elizabeth 1st ruled that all ladies should wear woollen hats. This apparently was to help promote the growth of the woollen trade.

2013 Apr 06_4086lady

16 thoughts on “Buckland Abbey Costumes

  1. Gorgeous clothes, though I wouldn’t want to have to haul those skirts along everywhere I went. And I’ve done a bit of hand sewing, enough so that part of me looks at these outfits and translates them into tired eyes and stiff fingers. I love to look at them, but I’m glad we don’t live in that world any more.

  2. Wonderful costumes. It took a lot of material to make these. The pleats in the collars must have taken a lot of time. Thanks for sharing.


  3. The other day, I went to Köln and there I saw a woman dressed in an attire just like this, in beautiful combination of Golden and Maroon. I love these old time beauties.
    G, You have a great eye for a good subject and frame it well too. Thank you for sharing.


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